picture of Jeffrey McDonald

Who I Am

My name is Jeffrey McDonald and I’m currently a 3rd year at Cal Poly Pomona earning my Computer Science degree. My interest in Computer science had first been started in a high-school web development class focused on the front-end with HTML and CSS. Using adobe dreamweaver and an old tutorial from the 2000's. What that class taught me was how to break apart things in a systematic matter to be able to build it from the ground up. This passion of mine was continued further when I had joined a software engineering club at Cal Poly Pomona called the “Software Engineering Association” which focused on career development, technical skills, and behavioral tips for interviews. Without this guidance I would’ve switched majors as I hadn’t done too well in my first programming class. But with the help of the people from the club I was able to finish strong and start having a direction in how to develop myself as a software engineer. Now I’m aiming to further develop my skills to build in an efficient and elegant fashion though I’m still far from that.

What I know

Techincal Skills

Along with the programming languages below I have a clear understanding of data structures and algorithms.

I also have experience with unit testing and some software engineering practices.

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Soft Skills

Due to my former experience as being both a historian and treasurer for the Software engineering association and as a software lead on my school’s optical flow project, I know the importance of clear team communication and keeping everyone on the same page. Team environments are where I can shine so that I can take my suggestions and ideas and build off others.